Hyaluron pen - a dangerous trend

Nowadays, if you look on the Internet for information about lip or wrinkle treatments, sooner or later you will come across the Hyaluron Pen. If you read through the promises of the pen, you quickly become curious: Compared to a treatment in a doctor's office, a procedure with a hyaluron pen is supposed to be less painful, less complicated and cheaper. Treatments are not only offered in cosmetic studios and hair salons: They are freely available for purchase and home delivery on the Internet. But what is the Hyaluron Pen really all about? Is it a sensible, inexpensive alternative or a dangerous trend?

The short answer is: Hyaluron pens are a dangerous trend for patients that is not (yet) regulated by legal initiatives. But let's take things one step at a time. How does such a pen work in the first place?

The Hyaluron Pen and its dangers

With a Hyaluron Pen, the hyaluronic acid is first filled into a dosing chamber. The pen is then placed on the skin at the "area to be injected", whereupon compressed air is used to shoot the filling into the deeper layers of the skin at speeds of up to 800 km/h. The hyaluronic acid is then injected into the skin. Compared to Hyaluron creams the substance actually reaches the deeper layers of the skin, but still not as far as a hyaluron injection from the doctor. Whether the treatment is painless, on the other hand, is doubtful. The swelling immediately after the treatment actually makes the lips look fuller, but this effect is usually lost again after a few days.

The potential side effects also occur after the treatment. When the filling is "shot" into the skin, many small injuries occur. If the procedure is not performed professionally and under strict hygienic regulations, the risk of infection of those open wounds increases. Other risks include swelling, scars or necrosis (dead tissue). In addition, if the same hyaluronic pen is given to another person or reused on another patient, the same risks arise as with a reused needle (HIV, hepatitis, etc.). If an injection is given in the wrong place on the face and hits a nerve, this can also have serious consequences. To avoid this, medical professionals with a sound knowledge of human anatomy are needed.

In addition, it is not possible to work nearly as precisely with a pen as with a treatment carried out professionally in a doctor's office. A shot with the hyaluron pen is much more extensive, which means that the desired result is often not achieved at all and other areas can be accidentally hit. In this case, cannulas used by medical specialists achieve much more precise results - and only in the targeted areas. Since the pen is a relatively new invention, relatively little is known about any long-term side effects.

Tempting promises

The promises of the Hyaluron Pen are very tempting. Instead of having to go to a doctor's office for fuller lips, you can simply have the treatment done in a beauty salon. Or even at home: the pens are free to buy online and there are numerous how-to videos on YouTube that show how to perform such a treatment yourself at home. It is precisely this simplicity that ultimately makes the pen so dangerous: since there are still no laws that sufficiently regulate its distribution and use, not only the manufacturers and distributors of the pens, but also cosmetic studios take advantage of this to make a quick buck. The consequences are then borne by the patients, who see dissatisfied results or in some cases even suffer damage to their health. Here it must be mentioned: Only medical liability insurance covers a claim. In case of a failed treatment in the cosmetic studio, the patient has to pay for the costs himself!

The price always plays a certain role in the decision and a pen treatment is also cheaper in most cases. But with such invasive procedures as hyaluronic injections, the quality of the work and the qualifications of the specialist must be paramount. Treatments with hyaluronic acid are always associated with risks and only a treatment performed by well-trained doctors or medically trained staff under medical supervision can ensure that the actual desired results are achieved under the strictest hygienic regulations. Treatment in the doctor's office is also uncomplicated and painless: it takes 30 minutes and the area to be treated can be locally anesthetized if desired. So treatment with Hyaluron Pen couldn't be simpler or more painless.

Urgent educational work needed

In order to prevent as many cases of botched work as possible and to ensure that as few patients as possible fall victim to it, educational work is urgently needed. Especially as long as no legal regulations exist. In this sense: Share this article with your friends and inform yourself in detail about the risks before a hyaluron pen.

At Beauty2Go we expressly warn against treatments with hyaluronic pens at cosmetic studios, and all the more against treatments carried out at home. Saving money on this type of treatment can be very expensive.

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