Vampire Lift

with autologous blood plasma

From CHF 490.-

How to rejuvenate your appearance in an all-natural way

PRP treatment / Vampire Lifting

In the highly effective vampire lift, wrinkles are smoothed out using the body's own blood plasma (PRP) and the skin's appearance is rejuvenated in a purely natural way.

PRP/Vampire Lifting is scary: scary effective! Because with this all-natural anti-aging trend from the USA no synthetic substances are used, but only components of the patient's own blood. Therefore, at the beginning it was mainly known as "vampire lifting".

The shape and structure of your skin benefits from your body's own blood plasma, because the proteins and platelets it contains help the Stimulate cell renewal. It is tightened, gains volume and looks significantly fresher and plumper after just a few weeks.

Bar Refaeli and Kim Kardashian are just a few prominent names who swear by this biological skin therapy.

The treatment

Application examples

Vampire lifting (PRP) is suitable for those who want firmer facial features, a beautiful neck and a well-groomed décolleté, but do not want surgery. The body's own blood plasma gives the skin stability and new tone.

Vampire lifting is suitable for wrinkles and tired skin:

  • in the face
  • at the neckline
  • on the neck
  • Hand rejuvenation, in combination with mesotherapy or hyaluronic acid

Lift sagging connective tissue again

Course of treatment

During a free preliminary consultation, you will discuss your needs and state of health with one of our Beauty Docs.

The vampire lift is a gentle alternative to a surgical lift, but is just as effective.

Before the treatment, we take some blood from a vein in your arm, from which the regenerative blood plasma (platelet rich plasma, or PRP) is extracted. This is then injected into the desired skin areas with fine injections. The number of injections varies from person to person, as each face is unique. This treatment reduces the depth of wrinkles, by renewing vessels, stimulating the formation of collagen and elastin, and forming new connective tissue. Cell regeneration runs at full speed and the skin becomes more resistant.

The treatment lasts about 60 minutes and is painlessbecause the affected areas are locally anesthetized.

All you need to know



The treatment lasts 60 minutes, including a free consultation beforehand.


The consultation before
of each treatment is free of charge.


The treatment is basically painless. The treated areas are locally anesthetized.


You can start directly after the
Treatment again under the
People go.


A first result is visible immediately. The final result unfolds within 2-3 months.


Vampire lifting is very well tolerated because only the body's own substances are used.


Post-treatment is generally not necessary, but are recommended to make the result long lasting.

COST: CHF 490.-

A vampire lift costs CHF 490.

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A vampire lift in the facial area costs CHF 490.-. In addition, the add-on for the décolleté area can be booked for CHF 200.-, depending on your wishes. You can find more information about our prices here. And if you would like exact details about the cost of a vampire lift treatment, we will be happy to help you in a free consultation more.

Vampire lifting is generally very well tolerated, as only the body's own blood plasma is used for the treatment. However, because it is an intervention in the body, various reactions, such as small swellings or hematomas, may occur. Optimal aftercare reduces side effects to a minimum.

A first effect is visible immediately after the treatment and the final result around 2-3 months later, when the regenerative processes of the skin are completed. For the longest possible lasting effect, we recommend two to three treatments at intervals of a few weeks. After that, the effect can be refreshed with another treatment every six to twelve months.

In vampire lifting, a small amount of blood is taken from a vein at the beginning of the treatment. From this blood, regenerative blood plasma (platelet rich plasma (PRP)) is obtained, which is then injected into the treated area. This then stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin from within, renews the vessels and forms new connective tissue.

Pain perception is known to be subjective and varies depending on the person. However, since this is a minimally invasive treatment, the pain is significantly reduced compared to a surgical lift. In addition, the treated area is locally anesthetized. A vampire lift is therefore practically painless.

We perform thread lifts at all our locations - in Zurich, Bern, Lucerne and St. Gallen, Winterthur and Lausanne. You can find more information about our locations and opening hours at the very bottom of this page or here. Want to schedule a free consultation right now? With our Online tool this is possible within a few seconds.


Immediately a great, natural effect - frighteningly beautiful!

Immediately after the treatment, a small immediate effect can be seen. The overall result will be visible after two to three months, when the regenerative processes in the skin are complete. For long-lasting results, we recommend that you perform two to three treatments at intervals of three to four weeks, and then treat yourself to a refresher treatment every six to twelve months.

Applied to healthy skin, the vampire lift is low-risk and is generally very well tolerated, as PRP is an active ingredient produced naturally in the body. Slight swelling or redness is possible after the vampire lift. These reactions are normal and subside after a few days.

The optimal aftercare
Basically, there are no major restrictions in everyday life after the vampire lift. Immediately after the treatment you are socially fit again.


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