Migraine treatment

Migraine-free without tablets

Migraine-free without tablets

Migraine treatment - your path to greater well-being

Do you want a pain-free life without migraines? Then a migraine treatment from Beauty2Go is the right decision.

We know how stressful migraines can be - they are more than just a headache, they are a challenge that can turn your everyday life upside down. That's why we offer you a specialized migraine treatment based on the latest findings in aesthetic medicine. At Beauty2Go, your well-being and health is our top priority and our goal is to improve your quality of life through effective therapies. Our team of experienced professionals will develop a customized treatment plan tailored to your personal needs. Our migraine treatment can give you a better quality of life and health.

The treatment

Say goodbye to migraines - your new attitude to life starts here

Migraines are often described as a paralyzing grip that takes control of your life. Beauty2Go helps you with the right migraine treatment to free you from the pain and enjoy your life to the full. We understand that migraines are more than a symptom - they are a constant, unwanted companion and prevent you from enjoying your life to the full.

Four reasons in favor of migraine treatment

These are the benefits of a migraine treatment with botulinum toxin at Beauty2Go:


Quality of life

Improved quality of life - without taking tablets.



Proven effect against severe migraines.



Targeted effect on the affected area.



Our top doctors offer professional treatment.

Our treatment method

We specialize in investigating the causes and treating them in a targeted manner so that the pain is effectively resolved in the long term.

We work with a holistic migraine treatment to reduce the frequency and intensity of your migraine attacks. We use a combination of proven medical procedures and innovative approaches, such as botulinum toxin injections, to help you lead a migraine-free and easy life.

How botulinum toxin works

Migraine treatment using botulinum toxin, better known as Botox, is one of the most advanced approaches. This method goes beyond the aesthetic effect known from wrinkle treatment - it has proven to be effective for patients suffering from chronic migraines. Botulinum toxin inhibits the pain signals and reduces the frequency and intensity of your migraine attacks.

How it works

Course of your migraine treatment

Free consultation

In a free consultation with one of our doctors, we will discuss where the areas of your body that are radiating pain and need to be treated are located.

The migraine treatment

During migraine treatment, our qualified doctors inject small doses of botulinum toxin into specific areas of the head and neck. This process is repeated every few months, as this is the only way we can guarantee lasting and effective relief.


At Beauty2Go, we are committed to offering you aesthetic and therapeutic treatments at the highest medical level. Our migraine treatment helps you to enjoy your everyday life pain-free and carefree without migraines.

Everything you need to know

Your individual migraine treatment - personal and effective

Your personal migraine treatment plan is the key to effective migraine therapy. With us, everything starts with a deep understanding of your individual situation. Step by step, we work with you to develop a personalized plan that is tailored to your needs and your type of migraine.

At Beauty2Go, we offer you three treatment options to choose from. Each of them treats different zones - the following zones can be treated:

Depending on how many of these zones your migraine radiates from, you can choose the appropriate treatment:

Your active participation is important to us, because you are the expert on your body and your well-being. If necessary, we will adjust your migraine treatment and thus continuously optimize your therapy.

contact us today and make an appointment - let's find out how we can help you in a personal consultation. We look forward to supporting you on your path to a migraine-free life.



The innovative treatment method offers you a migraine- and pain-free life without taking pills.

Small amounts of the toxin are injected into specific areas of your head and neck, inhibiting the pain signals and reducing the frequency and intensity of migraines.

You will discuss with one of our highly qualified doctors which areas of your body need to be treated so that your migraines can be effectively alleviated.

Beauty2Go offers you three treatment options: Ease LITE for two zones, Focus MEDIUM for three zones and Complete MAX for four pain points. The treatment is selected depending on how many zones the migraine originates from.

Our prices vary and are treatment-specific. Depending on how many zones are treated, the price ranges from CHF 690 to CHF 1,090.

Your migraine treatment at Beauty2Go can be adjusted as needed so that you continuously receive the best therapy based on your changing needs.

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