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Injecting / injecting lips

You want a beautifully shaped kissing mouth? Hyaluronic acid injections give you volume and sexy curved lips.

They are a sign of sensuality and have become an absolute must-have: full and aesthetically shaped lips. Those who have naturally narrow or uneven lips are therefore often dissatisfied with them. At Beauty2Go we understand this completely and offer a simple and competitive solution with our treatments.

Injection with hyaluronic acid gently but efficiently helps you achieve optimal volume and corrects small imperfections. This treatment is suitable for all patients who want to optimize the appearance of their lips according to their wishes.

The treatment

Application examples

Lip injections are suitable for:

  • narrow lips
  • unfavorable upper/lower lip ratio
  • irregular lip shapes
  • small wrinkles on the lips
  • blurred lip contours

Hyaluronic acid can be used to correct not only a lack of volume, but also an uneven contour: Asymmetrical lip shapes can be balanced in the same way as an unfavorable ratio of the upper to the lower lip.

Our doctors give your lips in the area of the lip red a attractive swing and more fullness. As a nice side effect during the treatment also reduces small wrinkles on the lips.

Lip injections before and after results

How it works

Course of treatment

Free consultation

In a free consultation with a our doctors we will clarify what result you want. During the consultation we will make sure together with you that your health condition allows the treatment.

The treatment

If nothing stands in the way of treatment, the hyaluronic filler is precisely dosed and injected into the desired areas with a very fine needle during the treatment, which lasts about 30 minutes.
After this volume build-up, the lips are carefully sculpted into the desired shape.

If nothing stands in the way of treatment, the hyaluron filler is precisely dosed and applied during the approx. Treatment lasting 30 minutes injected into the desired areas with a very fine needle.

After this volume build-up, the lips are carefully sculpted into the desired shape.


Basically it comes to no major restrictions in everyday life and you will be socially fit again immediately after the treatment. The healing process is influenced by several factors. Your behavior immediately after the treatment is crucial for a long-lasting and beautiful result.

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All you need to know

Lip injections at a glance


The treatment lasts 30 minutes, including a free consultation beforehand.


The consultation before
of each treatment is free of charge.


The treatments that we
perform, are
basically painless.
The place to be treated
will be local at your request


You can start directly after the
Treatment again under the
People go.


A first result can be
you right after the
Recognize treatment. The
Effect depends on the
used amount of
Hyaluron filler and your
personal constitution.


Hyaluronic acid is generally
very well tolerated. Since it
is an interference with the
body, it can be used in the
first moment to
Different reactions
come. The lips
swell a little, or
turn blue. After
two weeks at the latest is
nothing more to be seen of it.


Aftercare is
basically not necessary,
but is used as a structure
recommended to create a
long-term result to


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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a lip injection depends mainly on the desired result. We offer lip injections starting at CHF 280. The amount of hyaluronic acid used depends on the volume and shape of the lips. You can find more information about our prices here. And if you want exact information about the cost of lip injections, we will be happy to help you in a free consultation more.

Hyaluron is produced by the body itself and is therefore very well tolerated. However, since it is an intervention in the body, reactions such as small swellings, or hematomas may occur. The lips may swell slightly and/or become bluish - up to two weeks after the treatment. Optimal aftercare reduces side effects to a minimum.

The effect of lip injections is visible immediately and lasts up to twelve months. The very well tolerated Hyaluronic acid is completely and naturally broken down by the body over time. When the effect is no longer visible, it can be refreshed with another lip injection.

Lip injections are a minimally invasive treatment that requires less than 30 minutes to administer a precisely dosed Hyaluron Filler is injected at the treated site.

Pain perception is known to be subjective and varies from person to person. However, as this is a minimally invasive treatment, the pain is significantly reduced compared to a surgical procedure. The treated area can be locally anesthetized if desired. Thus, a lip injection is practically painless

We perform lip injections at all our locations - in Zurich, Bern, Lucerne, St. Gallen and Winterthur. You can find more information about our locations and opening hours at the very bottom of this page, or here. Want to schedule a free consultation right now? With our Online tool this is possible within a few seconds.


Good aftercare is crucial!

Basically it comes to no major restrictions in everyday life and you will be socially fit again immediately after the treatment. The healing process is influenced by several factors. Your behavior immediately after the treatment is crucial for a long-lasting and beautiful result.

  • Lip injections with hyaluronic acid last up to 12 months.
  • The uncomplicated and low-risk injection is generally very well tolerated.
  • Your personal result depends on the amount of hyaluronic filler used and your constitution.
  • Hyaluronic acid is completely broken down by the body. The effect can be refreshed again without any problems.

Care tips

We recommend that you strictly follow the instructions of our doctors to minimize any possible reactions.

The first hours after your treatment

  • Do not touch the treated areas
  • Abstain from smoking and alcohol consumption
  • Do not use make-up immediately after the treatment.

The first evening

  • In the evening of the treatment day, the affected areas may be cooled carefully, e.g. with a compress (not directly from the refrigerator and not more than a few minutes at a time) to prevent swelling.
  • For prophylaxis of possible swellings and hematomas, e.g. homeopathic Arnica globules can be taken.

The first days after your treatment

  • The treated areas should not be massaged or subjected to strong pressure during the first three days so that the filling material does not shift.
  • During the first days, sauna, solarium, long sunbathing and intensive sports should be avoided.

Extra Tip: Make sure to drink enough water (2-3 liters per day) so that the hyaluronic acid filler can fully develop its effect.

  • Despite medically flawless injection with hyaluron fillers, there is a possibility that redness, small bruises or swelling may occur. However, these should subside after 2 to 3 days at the latest.
  • Depending on the body's reaction, there may be minor hardening or a change in sensation. Such reactions are normal and usually subside after a few days to two weeks at the latest.

Structure and aftercare

  • Aftercare is generally not necessary. For stronger lip volume, we recommend regular treatments as a build-up.
  • In the case of any irregularities that clearly go beyond the accompanying symptoms described above, we offer the possibility of a free correction within two weeks. However, this does not apply in the case of a volume increase that is subjectively perceived by the customer as too small or a change in shape that is perceived as too insignificant.


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