Thread lifting

Without scalpel

How to get firmer skin and fewer wrinkles

Thread lifting - more beautiful skin without a scalpel

Thread lifting is one of the most modern and effective non-surgical techniques to treat sagging connective tissue. Accordingly, numerous celebrities have long sworn by this innovative method.

Sun rays, environmental influences and aging cause the connective tissue to slowly but steadily lose its firmness. A thread lift can successfully counteract this: the facial features become tightened with precisely placed threads, preserving your natural facial expressions.

The threads are completely broken down in your body and stimulate the Collagen formation which additionally provides volume and elasticity. Tired contours are gently lifted again.

The treatment

Application examples

A thread lift is suitable for tired connective tissue, for example:

  • in the area of the nasolabial fold
  • along the cheek area (sagging cheeks)
  • on neck and décolleté
  • under the eyes (dark circles)

When the firmness of the connective tissue decreases and the skin becomes thinner, the facial proportions also shift downward as a result, which can be perceived as visually unfavorable: The eye area, cheeks and neck lose volume and the skin sags. The nasolabial fold digs deeper into the face and continues downward, resulting in drooping corners of the mouth.

The thread lift is versatile applicable and ideal for these more extensive regions of the face. It causes there a immediately visible and long-lasting tightening.

For the facial areas Nasolabial fold, Cheek augmentation and Eye circles are also suitable for our treatments with Hyaluronic acid.


Lift sagging connective tissue again

Course of treatment

Thread lifting is a minimally invasive treatment and therefore a gentle alternative to surgical lifting. Our experienced doctors work with biocompatible and self-dissolving sutures, which are precisely inserted into the treated areas.
The Facial features are gently lifted and the Threads stimulate collagen production, which provides additional resilience from the inside.

Before the treatment you will advise free of charge. During this process, your ideas will be discussed and it will be ensured that your health condition allows for a thread lift.

The thread lift is painlessThe treated area is locally anesthetized. In contrast to a surgical lifting arise No scars.

All you need to know



The treatment lasts 60 minutes, including a free consultation beforehand.


The consultation before
of each treatment is free of charge.


A thread lift is basically painless, as the treated area is locally anesthetized.


You can start directly after the
Treatment again under the
People go.


You can see the first result right after the treatment.
The maximum effect occurs after about 4 to 8 weeks.


Thread lifting is generally very well tolerated.
Small swellings and hematomas may occur, which will disappear after a few days.


The effect lasts up to two years and can be refreshed again.


Nasolabial fold: from CHF 350.-
Hanging cheeks: CHF 750.-

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2 friends
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CHF 360.-

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The cost of a thread lift depends mainly on the desired result. This is because a number of threads of different types are used depending on the treatment goal. We offer basic threads starting at CHF 25 (per thread), while long threads with re-hooks cost CHF 125. You can find more information about our prices here. And if you want exact information about the cost of a thread lift, we will be happy to help you in a free consultation more.

Thread lifting is generally very well tolerated. However, since it is an intervention in the body, various reactions such as small swellings or hematomas may occur. Optimal aftercare reduces the side effects to a minimum.

The effect of thread lifting is visible immediately and lasts up to two years depending on the body constitution. The inserted threads are completely and naturally degraded by the body. When the effect is no longer visible, it can be refreshed with another thread lift.

A thread lift is a minimally invasive treatment. Our specialists use biocompatible and self-dissolving threads, which are precisely inserted.

Pain perception is known to be subjective and varies depending on the person. However, since this is a minimally invasive treatment, the pain is significantly reduced compared to a surgical lift. In addition, the treated area is locally anesthetized. A thread lift is therefore practically painless.

We perform thread lifts at all our locations - in Zurich, Bern, Lucerne and St. Gallen and Winterthur. You can find more information about our locations and opening hours at the very bottom of this page or here. Want to schedule a free consultation right now? With our Online tool this is possible within a few seconds.

Care tips

Basically it comes to no major restrictions in everyday life and you will be socially fit again immediately after the treatment.

The first hours after your treatment

  • Do not touch the treated areas

The first evening

  • In the evening of the treatment day, the affected areas may be cooled carefully, e.g. with a compress (not directly from the refrigerator and not more than a few minutes at a time) to prevent swelling.
  • For prophylaxis of possible swellings and hematomas, e.g. homeopathic Arnica globules can be taken.

The first days after your treatment

  • The treated areas should not be massaged or subjected to strong pressure for five days. Strong friction should also be avoided.
    For about a week, sauna, solarium, long sunbathing and intensive sports should be avoided.
  • Minor swelling, hematoma or redness may occur after the treatment. A slight burning sensation may also occur. Such reactions are normal and subside after a few days.


  • The effect of a thread lift lasts for about two years, depending on the constitution, and can be refreshed again.
  • In the event of any irregularities that clearly go beyond the accompanying symptoms described above, we offer the possibility of a free correction within two weeks. However, a result that is subjectively perceived by the customer as insufficiently pronounced is excluded from this in any case.


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