Aparte facial features after nasolabial folds injection 

Injection of the nasolabial fold

Between your nostrils and the corners of your mouth, starting in your 20s, the so-called Nasolabial fold. Triggers include the decreasing elasticity your connective tissue and the continuous Strain your mouth muscles. While it shows that you smile a lot, it can also make the features of your face look hard and grim. 

You gain the softness of your facial expression through the Injection of nasolabial fold with hyaluronic acid back. The Filler Hyaluron helps your skin to bind water and thus gives it more fullness - the Nasolabial fold is smoothed out.  

Smooth nasolabial fold 

If you are looking for a Immediate effect in the treatment of your nasolabial folds wish, is the Filler treatment with hyaluron exactly the right method. 

During an approximate 30-minute almost painless treatment hyaluronic acid is injected around the corners of your mouth using fine needles. Afterwards, you can go about your normal daily business, but with one small difference: a visibly smoothed nasolabial fold. 

Should you feel the need to continue this process, you can completely painless we are happy to provide a local anesthetic in the area of the wrinkles to be treated. It is best to discuss this topic in a preliminary consultation with your attending physician. 

Cost of treatment of the nasolabial fold 

For the Nasolabial fold injection you should have a Budget of a few hundred Swiss francs plan for. The exact amount is largely determined by the amount of hyaluron used and the treatment method. 

Best possible aftercare after smoothing the nasolabial fold  

Every body is unique, so is the Reactions to the filler treatment with hyaluron. Nevertheless there are some universal tipswith which you ensure the best possible wound healing. 

The first hours after nasolabial fold injections 

Avoid touching the treated areas or cover them up with make-up. You should also refrain from smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages.

The first evening with the treated nasolabial fold 

A gentle Cooling the affected areas with light compresses and homeopathic Arnica globules are suitable remedies to counteract any slight swelling and bruising.

The first days with the tightened nasolabial fold 

The Filler hyaluronic acid needs a few days to position itself firmly under the skinTherefore, we advise you to check the affected areas with the not to massage or subject to strong pressure. Extensive sunbathing, sauna and solarium, but also intensive sports should also be postponed until later, in order to prevent the Keep your skin's fluid balance at a high level and to give the hyaluronic acid the best conditions to unfold in its entirety under your skin.

Finally, a complementary piece of advice from us: Drink between two to three liters of water dailybecause this also ensures that your skin is sufficiently hydrated. 

Side effects of nasolabial fold smoothing 

Our Beauty2Go doctors work in a highly precise and medically flawless manner. 

However, it is possible that in the first two to three days after the Injection of your nasolabial fold slight swelling and redness at the injection sites. Also small hardenings or inhibited stimulus sensations in the face are possible and perfectly normalas long as they subside after the specified period. 

Beauty2Go as your Go-To Beauty Expert 

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