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Best quality at the best prices. Combine Hyaluron with other treatments. With each additional 1ml of hyaluron, you save 120.- CHF!

Our Prices For Treatments With Hyaluron

Wrinkle treatment

Botulinum toxin

Mimic wrinkles such as frown lines or crow's feet, but also excessive sweating, can be treated with botulinum toxin injections.

Our prices for treatments with botulinum toxin

  • 1 Zone CHF 270.-
  • 2 Zone CHF 420.-
  • 3 Zone CHF 520.-
  • Masticatory muscle CHF 390.-
  • Sweat treatment CHF 590.-
  • Anti hair loss CHF 590.-

Smooth ironed

PDO Thread Lifting

Thread lifting is one of the most modern and effective non-surgical techniques to treat sagging connective tissue. Therefore, numerous Hollywood stars swear by this innovative method.

Our prices for PDO thread lifting

  • Basic threads Per thread CHF 25.-
  • Screw threads Per thread CHF 35.-
  • Silhouette Soft threads Per thread CHF 300
  • Long threads with barbs Per thread CHF 390.-
  • Cat Eye Lifting from CHF 500

Bye Bye Fat Pads

Fat way syringe

Annoying fat deposits on the legs, abdomen or hips affect about 90 percent of all women. The fat-away injection solves this stubborn problem without the need for surgery.

Our prices for treatments with the fat way injection

  • 1x 1 zone 10 ml CHF 350
  • 1x 2 zones 20 ml CHF 500
  • 1x 3 zones 30 ml CHF 600
  • 1x 4 zones 40 ml CHF 650

For more glow


Similar to the Microneedling is used for the Mesotherapy the microcirculation in the skin is stimulated with fine punctures. Only these reach deeper and natural active ingredients such as vitamins or hyaluronic acid are injected.

Our prices for mesotherapy treatments

  • Restylane from CHF 300
  • Volite from CHF 300
  • Profhilo from CHF 450

Incredibly Effective Autologous Blood Plasma

Vampire lifting (PRP)

In the highly effective vampire lift, wrinkles are smoothed out using the body's own blood plasma (PRP) and the skin's appearance is rejuvenated in a purely natural way.

Our prices for PRP treatments

  • PRP Face CHF 490.-
  • PRP Add-On Decoletée CHF 200
  • 3 treatments CHF 1290.-

Let the skin shine


A TCA peel removes old skin cells and exposes the underlying rosy fresh skin layers. Old sun damage, acne scars or pronounced pigment spots are significantly reduced.

Our prices for peeling treatments

  • TCA peeling CHF 350
  • Fruit acid peeling CHF 250
  • 3x TCA peeling CHF 950.-


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You can pay with us either by card, or cash. Twint and Postfinance are unfortunately not possible with us!

Unfortunately we do not have a student discount, but we value friendship very much. Use the friendship discount and save up to 90.- CHF per person. In addition, you can save 120.- CHF with our Ad-On prices from 2ml! For more information, please ask your Beauty-Doc during your treatment, or call one of our practices.

Installment payment is not possible with us, but there is the free discount and the possibility to combine treatments and thus save with our Ad-On prices.

Before each treatment you get a free consultation with us. In this conversation you can discuss exactly what you would like to have done. A change of mind, or further wishes, can still be discussed on the day of treatment.

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