Rhinoplasty - completely without surgery

The nose is literally the focal point of our appearance. While a beautifully symmetrical nose can perfectly set off the face, we often perceive even small blemishes as strongly disturbing. In these cases, however, a nose operation is not immediately necessary, because thanks to hyaluron, a nose correction is also possible without surgery. While the "non-surgical nose jobs" have been trendy in the USA for years, they are also attracting growing interest in this country. In this article, we tell you how a nose correction with hyaluron can make irregularities disappear and in which cases it makes sense.

Beautiful nose without surgery

Rhinoplasty without surgery is mainly considered for minor blemishes, such as a downward pointing nasal tip, a small nasal hump or an asymmetrical nose shape. These imperfections often do not even have to be pronounced to be perceived as an aesthetic problem. This in turn often leads to greater suffering for the person affected. Fortunately, such irregularities can be corrected quickly and easily with a filler treatment. A nose correction with hyaluron takes less than 30 minutes, harmonizes the components of the face and improves the overall appearance. And compared to a nose operation, a nose correction without surgery is significantly less risky.

All thanks to hyaluron

With a filler treatment of the nose, the wonderful effect of hyaluronic acid comes into its own. Hyaluronic acid is a substance produced naturally in the body that binds very large amounts of water and thus gives the skin shape and fullness (here you will learn everythingwhat you need to know about hyaluron). It is used in rhinoplasty to straighten the nose, to raise the tip of the nose and to correct nasal humps. The body breaks down the natural hyaluronic acid by itself over time and the effect wears off after about twelve months. If you were happy with the treatment result, the look can be refreshed with a follow-up treatment - if not, you let the body break down the remaining hyaluronic acid completely. In contrast, it is not so easy with a "real" nose job, because there undesirable results can often only be corrected with another surgical procedure.

Before each filler treatment, we advise our patients in detail about all aspects of the treatment, including post-treatment behavior. Here you can already find detailed information on how an optimal aftercare looks like after a nose correction with hyaluron. This includes, among other things, that you should refrain from wearing glasses in the days after the treatment and use contact lenses instead.

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