Treating frown lines - 5 ways

We all know them, the frown line: Those few lines, above or between the eyebrows, that show up even more clearly when you're focused or angry. Usually, these forehead wrinkles are then also associated with aging, stressed skin - at least subconsciously. So it's not surprising that there are quite a few products on the beauty market that promise to fight frown lines (also: glabella wrinkle) most effectively. But how can it be that apparently all of them can do it best? Today, we'll show you what products are out there, what they promise, and what they're hiding. And we'll show you why a filler and/or Botox treatment delivers the most lasting results.


The facial rollers promise to make wrinkles smaller - or at least not bigger - with their massaging effect. The big argument here is that the massage by the hard stone stimulates the blood flow to the skin and thus "stimulates" certain skin functions. This should lead, among other things, to the fact that certain muscles in the face or even other body areas are loosened and lead to a more relaxed appearance.

So while the face rollers can certainly lead to a friendlier facial appearance, they by no means eliminate wrinkles. That means: For smaller wrinkles and a fresher face they are definitely helpful in the short term, but nothing more.

Hyaluron creams

We are already aware of the promises of anti-aging creams and hyaluronic creams. in a past article received. In short, it can be said about the creams that on the one hand they only act on the skin surface and on the other hand they only have a short-term effect. This is enough to combat small wrinkles, but is insufficient for a long-lasting effect.

In addition, the application of anti-aging creams creates a certain dependency. This is because repeated application of hyaluronic creams leads to swelling of the horny layer and thus to dry skin. And with dry skin, the natural reaction is to apply more moisturizing hyaluronic cream...

Beauty plaster

Another option on the anti-wrinkle market are the beauty patches. These seem to work on a very simple principle: Before going to bed, you put a few patches on your forehead wrinkles so that your eyebrows can't contract overnight and new wrinkles don't appear.

Whether they can actually prevent new wrinkles is questionable. What is certain, however, is that they cannot combat existing frown lines. So sticking several plasters on your forehead every evening is probably not worth it.

Botulinum toxin

At our Beauty2Go practice, we normally recommend a pure Botox treatment for frown lines as well as crow's feet and mimic wrinkles. This allows for long-lasting, natural-looking results, unlike the commercially available remedies listed above. In exceptional cases, where the wrinkles are more static and deeper, a combination of botulinum toxin and hyaluron fillers is often worthwhile.

Filler (Hyaluron)

With the naturally degradable substance called hyaluronic acid, the body's own balance is improved and wrinkles are smoothed. The skin appears fresher, plumper and overall younger. Here you can learn more about the Difference between botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid and about cases where a combination of both makes perfect sense.

The big difference between Botox and other methods is of course the price. However, if you consider that the results after a treatment last for several months and the wrinkles are also clearly and recognizably combated, such a treatment turns out to be the more sensible investment in most cases.

In summary, if you want wrinkles to disappear quickly but in the short term (e.g. for an important event in the evening), simple commercially available solutions such as hyaluronic creams, beauty patches or facial rollers can be quite helpful. However, if you want a long-lasting, fresh look in the forehead area or in the face in general, a treatment by a professional is recommended. Depending on how deep and pronounced the frown line is, a Botox or filler treatment may be considered - or a combination of both.

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