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Larissa is our location manager in Bern. Her path to us first led her through the world of hair and hairstyles.

Before becoming part of the B2G team, she worked as a self-employed hairdresser and sales representative in hairdressing supplies. Her passion for beauty and aesthetics then led her to us. Her desire was to expand her skills and abilities in the hairdressing industry and leave the hair world to pursue the beauty world.

Through her background and work experience, she brought some advantages to become part of our team. Larissa has a good eye for proportions and details. The smallest imperfections catch her eye immediately. This helps her as a practice assistant in the initial contact with our customers. In addition, she knows exactly how to respond to customer wishes and also copes well with stressful situations. Thanks to her previous work, she can plan appointments efficiently and thus supports the workflow in the Bern branch.

We are happy to welcome Larissa to our team.

"I love helping people feel comfortable and beautiful."

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