Chin augmentation with hyaluron - it's that easy

Chin injections with hyaluronic acid

If the chin is well proportioned, it forms a harmonious conclusion to the lower half of the face in both men and women. However, it can be perceived as unattractive if the chin is receding or not pronounced enough. In addition to the size and shape of the chin, dimples and expression lines can also be perceived as unattractive and cause suffering. 

A chin augmentation with hyaluronic acid chin augmentation with autologous fat offers a nearly painless alternativeto compensate for the imbalance in the profile and thus emphasize one's own personality with the chin. Hyaluronic acid for chin augmentation has further advantages over autologous fat due to the filler's ease of sculpting, homogeneous distribution under the skin and longer degradation time. 

Build the chin with hyaluronic acid in just 30 minutes

While makeup, hairstyle and beard are ways to conceal a receding chin and other imperfections such as a weak chin, double chin, chin dimples or expression lines, they do not produce long-term results. Hyaluron for chin augmentation offers a gentle alternative without surgical intervention. Especially your side profile flatters this gentle way of chin augmentation. With the help of syringes the Chin built up with hyaluronic acid. The hyaluronic acid is injected into the affected area and sculpted. To achieve the desired Contour adjustment To achieve the best results, it may be advisable to perform the treatment in several sessions or to combine it with a Jawline treatment. If you have concerns and fears of needles, we offer local anesthesia for the treatment at Beauty2Go. This way you will experience the chin augmentation with hyaluronic acid completely pain-free. 

Cost of chin augmentation

Become quantifiable Hyaluron costs for chin augmentation only after a careful examination. Giving blanket estimates of chin augmentation costs is difficult and may create unwarranted concerns. All Costs for chin augmentation depend on the amount of hyaluron needed. Experience shows that the cost per milliliter of hyaluron for chin augmentation is between CHF 350 and 490. 

Aftercare for chin correction 

A devoted aftercare positively influences the result of your chin augmentation with hyaluronic acid. You will be socially acceptable again directly after the chin correction, but you must still minor restrictions accept. Do not touch the chin area during the first hours after the injection. On the day of the procedure, do not wear make-up and abstain from nicotine and alcohol. 

Your first evening after chin augmentation

Cool the affected areas very gently with a compress. It should be small and light. If possible, wrap it with a soft cloth or let it warm up a little before gently applying it to the affected skin areas. In addition, we recommend that instead of applying it, you gently pat it on. This will prevent swelling and slight bruising. You can support the effect with homeopathic remedies such as Arnica globules. 

The first days after your chin correction

Massage your chin only on the recommendation of your treating physician. If your attending physician has not recommended it, avoid massaging the chin or subjecting it to strong pressureEven if it is not an implant, the hyaluron injected for chin correction may be delayed. Intensive sports, sauna visits, sunbathing and refreshing your complexion with a solarium should be postponed for a few days. 

Supplementary tips

In order to fully develop after the injections in your chin area, the hyaluronic acid requires fluid. Therefore, make sure you drink enough water in the first few days after the treatment. Set yourself a goal of two to three liters per day. Even though chin augmentation with hyaluronic acid is an especially gentle method of Chin correction without surgery it is possible that swelling and small bruises may occur in the injection area. However, they should subside within two to three days. Hardening or a change in sensation could irritate you. However, this should also have subsided after a week at the latest. 

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