Silhouette Soft Thread Lift

immediate skin tightening

Immediate skin tightening & sustainable collagen regeneration

Silhouette Soft thread lifting for firmer skin

Your skin looks sallow and tired? Are individual areas slowly moving downwards or hanging too much? Then a Silhouette Soft thread lift is just right for you!

With time and increasing age, the skin's natural support structure weakens. How quickly this process progresses depends on individual factors, such as genetic predisposition and which environmental influences one is increasingly exposed to. The body's own collagen production decreases and the skin becomes flabbier. If you shy away from a surgical facelift, then the double-action Silhouette Soft thread lift is right for you!

What is a Silhouette Soft thread lift?

A thread lift is a non-surgical procedure for skin tightening. In this lifting method, special threads are inserted into the subcutaneous fatty tissue with an ultra-fine needle under slight tension. By inserting the threads, the skin is tightened and sagging areas are lifted. No anesthesia, just local anesthesia and virtually no downtime for you. The threads are broken down by the body within approximately 18 months, as they are made of polylactic acid. The threads are very well tolerated and have been used in medicine for many years. Don't worry, the lifting effect lasts beyond the degradation of the threads.

The treatment

Application examples

A Silhouette Soft thread lift is suitable for tired connective tissue, e.g.:

  • Mild to moderate sagging of the facial skin
  • In the area of the eyebrows
  • Cheeks
  • Nasolabial folds

For the eye area and neck we use other methods. Just talk to us!


Lift sagging connective tissue again

Course of treatment

First, your doctor marks the vectors on your face in whose direction the Skin tightening is performed. Usually we put two to three sutures per side. Then you will get a local anesthesia is administered at the entry and exit points of the sutures. Now the doctor places the sutures into the subcutaneous tissue with a guide needle and then brings them out again at the previously marked point. At this point, the sagging parts of the face or neck are fixed to firmer parts of the face or neck and tightened. The rest of the thread, which is outside the body, is cut off and the end piece is sunk into the skin. The tightening is already visible directly after the Silhouette Soft treatment and lasts for about 3 to 4 years. The procedure can be repeated at any time.

How many sutures are necessary depends on the patient. Also whether the treatment is done all at once or in several sessions. Your doctor will determine the best procedure together with you.

The Silhouette Soft treatment combines two Modes of action:

  • Firstly, as soon as the threads are placed, the lifting effect is already visible. Your sagging skin areas are immediately back to normal. tight.
  • On the other hand: During their dissolution time, the polylactic acid threads stimulate the body's own Collagen production, which supports the skin from the inside, even after the stitches are gone.

All you need to know

The Silhouette Soft thread lift at a glance


The treatment lasts 30 minutes, including a free consultation beforehand.


The consultation before
of each treatment is free of charge.


A Silhouette Soft thread lift is basically painless, as the treated area is locally anesthetized.


You can start directly after the
Treatment again under the
People go.


You can see the first result right after the treatment.
The maximum effect occurs after about 4 to 8 weeks.


The Silhouette Soft thread lift is generally very well tolerated.
Small swellings and hematomas may occur, which will disappear after a few days.


The effect lasts up to two years and can be refreshed again.


The Silhouette Soft costs CHF 300 per thread.

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The cost of a thread lift depends mainly on the desired result. This is because a number of threads of different types are used depending on the treatment goal. The Silhouette Soft costs CHF 300 per thread. You can find more information about our prices here. And if you want exact information about the cost of a thread lift, we will be happy to help you in a free consultation more.

Silhouette Soft thread lifting is generally very well tolerated. Occasionally, patients experience pulling pain or a stretching sensation after treatment. Sometimes there is temporary swelling and bruising. Your doctor will inform you about possible contraindications such as allergies and intolerances during the preliminary consultation.

Depending on the speed of your metabolism, a thread lifting treatment with Silhouette Soft lasts approximately 3 to 4 years. About 1.5 years after the treatment, the body begins to gradually break down the threads, but during this time and beyond, the lifting effect remains for a further time, because the thread material (polylactic acid) stimulates the body to produce collagen. The body thus forms its own support corset.

A thread lift is a minimally invasive treatment. Our specialists use biocompatible and self-dissolving threads, which are precisely inserted.

Local anesthesia is used to make the areas where the needle is inserted into the skin as insensitive as possible. The rest of the face does not need to be anesthetized, since the threading takes place in the fatty tissue, which has no pain receptors.

We perform thread lifts at all our locations - in Zurich, Bern, Lucerne, St. Gallen, Winterthur and Lausanne. You can find more information about our locations and opening hours at the very bottom of this page or here. Want to schedule a free consultation right now? With our Online tool this is possible within a few seconds.

Care tips

You have no downtime and are immediately socially acceptable again. However, you must expect slight swelling.

The first hours after your treatment

  • Do not touch the treated areas

The first evening

  • In the evening of the treatment day, the affected areas may be cooled carefully, e.g. with a compress (not directly from the refrigerator and not more than a few minutes at a time) to prevent swelling.
  • For prophylaxis of possible swellings and hematomas, e.g. homeopathic Arnica globules can be taken.

The first days after your treatment

  • Keep your head elevated for the first four nights, and it's best to sleep on your back.
  • The treated areas should not be massaged or subjected to strong pressure for five days. Strong friction should also be avoided.
  • Be careful applying makeup, shaving and washing your hair for the first 5 days.
  • For about a week, sauna, solarium, long sunbathing and intensive sports should be avoided.
  • It is best to avoid facials and massages for 3 weeks.
  • Minor swelling, hematoma or redness may occur after the treatment. A slight burning sensation may also occur. Such reactions are normal and subside after a few days.


  • The effect of a thread lift lasts for about two years, depending on the constitution, and can be refreshed again.


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