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Ronja completes the French-speaking Beauty2Go team. She grew up in Lausanne, but comes from a German family, which is why she speaks both German and French. Exposure to two languages has taught her to appreciate both, leading her to a Master's degree in Literature at the University of Lausanne. She reinforces her language skills with an excellent command of English and a basic knowledge of Spanish and Korean. 

During her studies, she was particularly interested in the concept of "beauty" and its representation in literary texts. She is committed to the well-being of the clinic's visitors, whom she wants to make feel good about their bodies and give them self-confidence.

Ronja is a warm-hearted and attentive person and also puts our customers who are afraid of needles at ease. Thanks to her studies and various professional experiences in festival management, she has excellent organizational skills and efficiency. She trains figure skating in her free time.

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