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Our dear Anita is there for our patients every Saturday in our beauty clinic in Bern. Before joining the Beauty2Go family, Anita was already an enthusiastic Beauty2Go customer.

Anita is a native Croatian and worked for several years as a health professional in a nursing center in Bern. She has also attended various further training courses in palliative medicine, emergency situations or RAI courses. Anita is perceived by her co-workers as an empathetic and humorous person for whom laughter and a good working relationship are paramount. Thanks to her experience as a medical professional, Anita always manages to keep calm in hectic situations and is very patient.

What Anita really appreciates about her work at Beauty2Go is that she can pursue her true passions (beauty and cosmetics) and has the opportunity to put a smile on her customers' faces.

In her personal life, Anita likes to educate herself on the topic of positive mindset and financial matters.

"In her most beautiful dress no woman gets too cold" - Coco Chanel.

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