Jennifer is our HR Manager at Beauty2Go. With a career path as diverse as a rainbow palette, she is a perfect fit for this role. Before Beauty2Go, she was a team lead in an insurance office and worked in sales. But her eternal love of fashion and aesthetics led her to us, where she did an exceptional job at the front desk in Lucerne. She had always wanted to further her education in HR and was able to fulfill this on her way from clinic reception to HR manager.

It is not only in her professional life that Jenny attaches great importance to structure. She has always had a special relationship with order - disorder? That doesn't fit in her book! In her tasks as HR Manager, she always keeps an overview and is always prepared for anything. Her unerring gut feeling tells her in the first few seconds how to assess someone.

Jennifer is like a kaleidoscope of life, consisting of the most diverse facets. As a child, she preferred to rescue animals and was therefore often late for school - which drove her parents to despair. Her angelic patience and sense of responsibility as a mommy make her an indispensable team support. Outside of work, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her family and recharging her batteries with sporting activities.

Her charming personality and dedication to the B2G experience make her a true standout on the Beauty2Go team.

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