Get to know our dermatologist Gergana, who is joining our team of doctors at our Lucerne location. With over 10 years of experience in dermatology, she knows the secrets of beautiful and youthful skin! Why you will love our experienced doctor Gergana?

Because she is an absolute expert in skin perfection! Before joining Beauty2Go, she worked as a senior physician in a Norwegian dermatology clinic. For over a decade, she was dedicated to helping patients achieve healthy skin, hair and nails. She is driven by her passion for beautiful skin and an aesthetically harmonious face. Because a beautiful, attractive appearance goes hand in hand with optimal skin health.

Before her time in Norway, she lived in Germany, where she completed her studies and worked as a dermatologist for several years.

The focus on aesthetics has always been an important part of her work. Now she is fully dedicated to aesthetic medicine and uses her dermatological expertise to achieve the best results - skin health and beauty in one. Beauty is not a privilege of Hollywood stars; everyone can and should come closer to their ideal beauty through expert advice and treatment.

Get a free consultation now and discover the secrets of a beautiful face with doctor Gergana.

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