Patient Experience Team Lead


At the heart of our Zurich clinic is Fatemeh, who, as Patient Experience Team Lead, welcomes every customer with a warm greeting.

Before finding her place in the B2G family, Fati started out as a dental assistant in Uster. Thanks to her outstanding commitment, she quickly rose through the ranks to become Shop Manager and then Regional Manager. Her drive makes her the perfect addition to our team in Zurich.

Her warm and friendly smile is not just a greeting, but also reflects the friendliness that characterizes her. With her customer-oriented communication, Fati speaks not just in words, but in the universal language of understanding. Fluent in four languages, she effortlessly makes connections so that every customer feels seen and heard. Every interaction is more than a transaction; it is an opportunity to create a moment of warmth and reassurance.

With Fati teamed up at our Zurich location, we not only have an efficient team member, but a beacon of positivity and empathy that makes every visit a heartfelt experience.

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