Doctor Evgeny, a true connoisseur of aesthetic medicine, is moving into our Bern location. With over 20,000 treatments under his belt, he has already made a few hearts beat faster. Why will you love our experienced doctor Evgeny?

After studying medicine at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, he specialized directly in aesthetic medicine. He has already been injecting for several years in Germany and always takes into account the harmony of his patients' faces. In this way, he conjures up a result that radiates youthfulness, beauty and freshness.

His secret superpower: he creates natural lips with little puffiness and is a master at full-face treatments. When it comes to aesthetics, he loves to put together a customized treatment for his patients. His aim is to achieve a subtle rejuvenating effect and emphasize existing beauty.

With conviction, he can recognize the connections and challenges in the patient's face in order to implement an individualized solution proposal. He places great emphasis on a holistic view of the face.

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