Veronica is our absolute all-rounder in the team. Born in Moldova and raised in Israel, the lively blonde already had many dreams and goals. After her above-average high school diploma in Israel, she moved to the beautiful city of Munich, where she improved her German up to native language level. Not that she necessarily needed to, as she also speaks Russian, Hebrew, Romanian, English and some Spanish. Arriving in Munich and speaking German, she began her studies in human medicine and received a scholarship from the Hans Seidel Foundation for particularly gifted students. She passed a total of 3 state exams and graduated as from the Technical University of Munich. Before Veronica came to Beauty2Go, her passions sports/photography and traveling, led her through the modeling and blogging world and that too with success.

So we can rightly say to have an all-rounder in our team and we are very happy to welcome such an open, motivated and individual doctor at Beauty2Go!

"Beauty for me means being at peace with yourself, the world and your body."

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