Hyaluron capsules - Effective against wrinkles?

Anyone who knows Beauty2Go or is generally much in the beauty world already knows about the many benefits of hyaluronic acid. For example, 1 gram of hyaluronic acid can bind up to 6 liters of water. Its moisturizing properties are used, among other things, to give the skin new freshness and fullness. This makes increasing sense from the age of 25, because at that age the body's own hyaluronic acid reserves slowly begin to diminish. As a result, the skin stores less fluid, loses elasticity and shows the first wrinkles. With a filler treatment, this can be counteracted effectively and with very little risk (here you will learn everything about filler treatments with hyaluron).

Hyaluron capsules as the latest trend

However, an unattractive side effect of the proven benefits of hyaluron is that they virtually invite exaggerated or even false advertising promises. For example, that the supposed effect of hyaluron creams is too good to be true, we have dealt with it in more detail in another article. And on the Dangers of the Hyaluron Pen Trend we cannot point out often enough. With the hyaluron capsules, a new "player" has entered the world of hyaluron in recent years.

Officially, the capsules are considered a dietary supplement and the promise is simple: by regularly taking hyaluron capsules, the skin becomes more supple, smoother and wrinkles disappear. This sounds quite plausible at first. After all, during a filler treatment with hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid is also injected to give the skin volume and eliminate wrinkles. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to expect that the same effect will unfold with a different "ingestion method". However, the problem is: the wrinkle-fighting effect of hyaluron capsules has not been proven. Studies from Japan suggest that the regular intake of hyaluron capsules can increase skin hydration, but not make wrinkles disappear. Because of the unproven effect, even statements such as "maintaining good skin hydration" are banned in advertising in the EU (source: This leads to the fact that the statements regarding skin hydration are instead usually made in relation to the vitamins also contained in the capsules. If one reads product descriptions carefully, one quickly recognizes that a positive, proven effect of the hyaluronic acid contained is rarely advertised at all.

Always remain critical and inform yourself properly

It is not easy to find objective information about hyaluron capsules. For example, if you google "hyaluronic acid capsules effect", you will find many articles of an educational nature. While these articles discuss the benefits of hyaluronic acid, they rarely address the supposed effect of the capsules. In addition, it is not uncommon for such articles to refer to specific products with so-called "affiliate links." The author therefore receives a commission every time a user clicks on one of the product links. Can one really expect an objective and critical assessment of the hyaluron capsules?

Here, of course, you can ask how objective Beauty2Go is, because after all, we also offer filler treatments. The big difference is that we are 100% transparent and honest about the effect and duration of effect. The effect of filler treatments with hyaluron is proven and clearly visible, in contrast to hyaluron capsules and hyaluron creams. Whether for fighting wrinkles, injecting lips or rejuvenating hands: The effect of a filler treatment lasts for several months. Then the hyaluron is gradually degraded and the effect can be refreshed with another filler treatment. What is also clear, of course, is that a filler treatment is more expensive than hyaluronic creams or capsules. However, if you compare the actual effect and how long it lasts, then it is usually a sensible investment. All further information about costs, side effects etc. can be found at here.

Beauty2Go as your Go-To Beauty Expert

If you still have questions about hyaluron capsules or filler treatments with hyaluron after this article, you can always contact us in Contact set. We will be happy to advise you on the various treatments we offer in our practices in Zurich, Bern, Lucerne and St. Gallen - free of charge, of course. You will find plenty of information about our treatments on our website. Treatments, Prices and our Team you can also already get to know a little. The direct booking of an appointment is also possible via our Online tool possible. In addition, we treat in our Blog many other exciting topics, such as dark circles under the eyes and 11 things you need to know about hyaluron.

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