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After keeping the secret for weeks, the cat is finally out of the bag: Our new location will open in St. Gallen! This means that with our other clinics in Zurich, Bern and Lucerne, we are already on site in four cities - for now! Who knows which locations will be added in the future. Because one thing is clear: The Beauty2Go community is constantly growing and there is no end in sight!

But why St. Gallen of all places? One of the main reasons was of course strategic: With a location in the cultural and economic center of eastern Switzerland, we are significantly faster to reach for the countless beauty fans in the cantons of St. Gallen, Thurgau, Appenzell-Ausserrhoden, Appenzell-Innerrhoden and Graubünden. So the way to the Filler treatment much shorter, easier and cheaper for all our patients in the region. But of course, the city of St. Gallen and the surrounding region already have a lot to offer. We show you what makes St. Gallen so unique!


The OLMA Swiss Exhibition for Agriculture and Food, as the largest public exhibition in Switzerland, is known far beyond the borders of the region. Naturally, the disappointment that it had to be cancelled this year is correspondingly great. So fingers crossed that next year it can take place in its usual size and bring people together from all corners of Switzerland. And then definitely try the bratwurst live on site!

St. Gallen Bratwurst

One of the OLMA classics is the special version of the legendary St. Gallen bratwurst, the St. Gallen OLMA bratwurst. Now long available outside the fair, the "big sister" of the original stands out above all because of its weight: While an average St. Gallen bratwurst weighs around 110 grams, the OLMA version tips the scales at 160 grams. But no one has to do without the (almost world) famous St. Gallen bratwurst this year either, because it is available on practically every corner of the city. But beware: If you eat the sausage with mustard, you won't make any friends in the city! Because since its "invention" over 500 years ago, it is, according to the St. Galler Bratwurst variety organization, "so fine that any distortion of taste is unnecessary and interferes with the real pleasure".


This year, the sensation was almost achieved: FC St. Gallen only narrowly missed out on the Swiss Super League title. Even though the last championship title was 20 years ago, the club is an institution both in Switzerland and in Europe. After all, it is the oldest football club in Switzerland (1879) and the fifth oldest club in Europe. So it's no wonder that practically the whole of eastern Switzerland and many more are behind the traditional club. So, let's go to the kybunpark - hopp Sanggalle!

World Heritage Site

With its baroque cathedral and famous library, St. Gallen's Abbey District has been part of the illustrious circle of UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1983. With its imposing presence, the cathedral also represents the heart of the city.

Beauty2Go as your Go-To Beauty Expert

We at Beauty2Go are enormously looking forward to the new chapter in St. Gallen and to the many people we can help with their aesthetic wishes, be it with a filler treatment, a botulinum treatment or one of our many other methods. If you are new to the Beauty2Go world and have some questions, you can of course contact us at any time in Contact set. We will be happy to advise you on the various treatments we offer in our practices in Zurich, Bern, Lucerne and St. Gallen - free of charge, of course. You will find plenty of information about our treatments on our website. Treatments, Prices and our Team you can also already get to know a little. The direct booking of an appointment is also possible via our Online tool possible. In addition, we treat in our Blog many other exciting topics, such as 5 Ways to get rid of the frown line to fight or Filler treatments for men.

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