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Anyone looking for information on filler treatments with hyaluron will quickly find what they are looking for online. We, too, have already written numerous articles on the subject: After our articles on the actual effectiveness of hyaluronic creams, the dangers of the Hyaluron Pens, the optimal aftercare after a filler treatment, the difference between hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin, the antagonist of hyaluronic acid (hyaluronidase), the advantages of lip treatment with hyaluron and the Liquid Facelift In this article, we would like to offer a new perspective to those who are curious or interested: that of one of our patients!

In order to give people who are thinking about undergoing filler treatment a better idea of what such treatment is like, we contacted one of our patients. We asked Santiago how he experienced the filler treatment at the clinic in Zurich, if he has any advice for those interested and to whom he would recommend treatment.

Santiago had his first filler treatment in Zurich in August 2018 - almost two years ago. But for him, it didn't stop at just that one treatment: "I've been to the clinic several times, and my last visit was at the end of June." In the process, he has already had various facial areas injected: Lips, cheeks and wrinkle treatment on the forehead - "but cheeks only once so far!" He also already has a favorite person for injecting his lips: "My lips are always done by dear Jeta, and I have always been very satisfied so far. Ultimately, of course, everyone must decide for themselves who fits best!"

Asked about his first injection and the doubts and fears he had at the time, Santiago openly admits: "At the very beginning, I was a bit afraid of how it would look in the end. But afterwards I was positively surprised!" Thanks to its many years of experience, the Beauty2Go team also knows how to deal with such feelings in patients. For the care provided by the team at the Zurich clinic, he also noted that everyone was "super kind and open" and that he always felt taken seriously with his fears and doubts.

Would he recommend injections to his friends? Conditionally: "Yes! But ultimately everyone has to decide for themselves. But if someone is interested in filler treatment, I would definitely recommend Beauty2Go." And for those people who are considering undergoing filler treatment but are still unsure, Santiago has a simple message: "Go for it! The slight pain and the end result are worth it."

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Of course, a single testimonial is not enough to make all doubts and uncertainties disappear. The goal of this report is to let one of our previous patients have his say, so that you as a reader can gain insight into his experience. If you have any further questions or uncertainties regarding filler treatments, please feel free to contact us at any time. contact. We are happy to help you and advise you also in the free initial consultation on the various Treatmentswhich we offer in our clinics in Zurich, Bern, Lucerne and St. Gallen. You will also find plenty of information about this on our website. our treatments, our team and the prices. And in our blog we cover besides hyaluron many other exciting topics like the fat away injection or the thread lifting.

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