Beautiful nose thanks to hyaluronic acid

Raise nose tip without surgery

The nose is the most important feature of our face and often what first attracts people's attention. A beautifully shaped symmetrical nose can leave an unforgettable first impression. However, due to the prominent position in the face, we find even small blemishes such as a drooping nose tip (hooked nose) very disturbing! But medical problems are also possible due to a nose tip that is pulled down, because the too acute angle between the nose and the lip can lead to an impaired air supply. A Lifting the tip of the nose with hyaluronic acid can aesthetic remedy and increase the distance between the bridge of the nose and the lip again, so that the Breath flow improved will. Also the Effect of a snub nose is possible due to the elevation of the tip of the nose.

Raise the tip of the nose - how does it work?

This treatment can minimally invasive be carried out and leads to great results ohne undesirable scarring as in surgery. Thanks Hyaluron injections for nose correction surgery and its risks are no longer necessary.

A very fine needle is used to apply stabilizing Hyaluronic acid is injected into the area of the tip of the nose to be treated and the desired shape is modeled from the outside. In this way, we achieve a straight nose or a slight stubby nose effect. The procedure is not particularly painful except for the injection pain, but if desired we can apply an anesthetic cream. The treatment itself lasts only approx. 30 minutes.

After a Injection of the tip of the nose you should be careful, because the nose should At least two weeks do not experience pressure loads such as those caused by goggles, sunglasses or diving goggles.

Advantages of a nose correction with hyaluron

The clear advantage in the Rhinoplasty with hyaluron lies in the fact that the Hyaluron degrades again. If the result did not like, then it is not forever. In addition, it is fast: small Blemishes can be removed within a few minutes. The Result is visible immediately after the injection. If necessary, the result can be corrected or touched up immediately.

In addition, the treatment is not only performed quickly, but you can also go back to people immediately after the injection, since No major swellings etc. arise. Also otherwise you have after a Nose tip correction no downtime, because you don't have to take sick leave for pain or other symptoms.

Another advantage of this treatment is that it lasts up to 6 months. What many people also do not know are the incredible benefits that hyaluronic acid has for your skin - especially in the long run! Because Hyaluronic acid is a substance produced naturally in the bodywhich not only fills up, but also stimulates the tissue in the treated area. Thus, even after the degradation of hyaluronic acid often remains a residual volume.

This is in contrast to surgical procedures on the nose. These often lead to patient dissatisfaction because they do not achieve the desired results, which in most cases leads to another operation. The healing process can take up to a year, and the cost is also immense, unlike an injection of hyaluronic acid.

Have nose tip lifted by an experienced physician

Any rhinoplasty with hyaluronic acid should only be performed by an experienced doctor. Thanks to his expertise and precise approach, you can undergo this treatment with peace of mind. In our Beauty2Go surgeries you will be offered the Treatment by an experienced physician guaranteed.

Nose tip reduction without surgery - cost

A Correction of the tip of the nose with hyaluron starts at 235 CHF. But the exact cost is always calculated according to cost and material.

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If after reading this post on the topic of "Lift the tip of the nose without surgery" still have concerns about possible risks, you can always contact us. Contact record. We will be happy to advise you on the various options for Liquid rhinoplastywhich we offer in our practices in: Zurich, Basel, Bern, Lucerne, Winterthur and St. Gallen. Of course, this service is free of charge for you. You are welcome to visit our website in advance to find out more about our Treatments and Prices inform or use our Team get to know a little. The direct booking of an appointment is also possible via our Online tool possible.

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