Remove hump on the nose without surgery

Remove nose hump without surgery

A beautiful even nose is the central point of the face and is also perceived as such. Again unevenness like a Hump on the nose have a negative effect on the perception of the face. A Rhinoplasty offers the right solution, to correct blemishes on the nose that are perceived as annoying. Thanks to hyaluron, the removal of nasal humps even succeeds completely without surgery

How does a nose hump develop?

A distinction is made between humps and "pseudo-humps". The latter are usually caused by nasal surgery or nasal trauma. The hump on the nose forms when either the nasal bone or the cartilage tissue of the nose is overdeveloped or the transition between the nasal bone and cartilage tissue is uneven. In most cases, this blemish is only visible in profile, but is no less troublesome as a result. For some years now, those affected have had the option of a Rhinoplasty without surgery. What was still a dream 30 years ago is now a in less than one hour possible: to remove the bump on the nose without surgery. 

Hide nose bump

Rhinoplasty through surgery is now a routine procedure for surgeons, yet any general anesthesia carries risks. Depending on how much you suffer from your hump on the nose, besides ways with surgery also offer Ways without surgeryto remove or conceal the hump on the nose. 

Try to put the focus of your face on your eyes or the tip of your nose by wearing glasses or contouring. Unfortunately, the result is only visible while you are wearing the glasses and make-up, but it is a start and a small step towards feeling good. Especially if you are not yet of age and your parents do not give their consent to the nose correction. 

Steer your gaze away from the hump of your nose - wear glasses

Fortunately, the days are gone when the movie industry used glasses to make characters like Clark Kent (series "Superman") or Laney (movie "One Like None") look like outsiders. Today, people use glasses to make characters look smart. Take advantage of this and make your bumpy nose disappear behind glasses without surgery. As a fashion accessory, it perfects your look. They direct the viewer's gaze away from the bridge of your nose and onto your eyes. Choose your frame carefully to achieve the best possible optical correction. If you have a petite nose tip, choose a delicate frame - if you have a wide bridge, go for an eye-catching, striking frame with a clear conscience. 

Contouring - nose correction with brush swing

From small eyes, drooping corners of the mouth, dark circles under the eyes and also nose bumps you can distract with a few strokes of the brush. Pay attention to your entire face while Contouringto really draw the eye away from the hump of the nose. For contouring the nose, start tracing the contour with a narrow brush on both sides. Starting at the eyebrows, follow the line with the brush along the edge of the nose to the tip. The best effects are achieved with several fine layers of makeup on the bridge of the nose. Use cream contouring for the foundation. Use a fine powder for the topping. Now blend and set small highlights. Blend the nose inwards. As a penultimate step, put some matte bronzer on your nose bump and some highlighter on the tip of your nose. Et voila: Your nose bump is concealed. 

Inject nose hump

Virtually painless and in less than an hour, a Correct hump nose without surgery. With syringes, the filler hyaluron is applied to the appropriate parts of your nose. You will only feel the punctures and a slight pressure when filling the nasal bump. If this scares you too much, at Beauty2Go we offer local anesthesia for the treatment. Thus the Injection of your nasal hump absolutely painless for you. The result of this gentle method of nose correction is particularly flattering for your lateral profile. With low risks of rejection, the correction of your nasal hump is performed by injecting hyaluronic acid to fill the dent in front of your nasal hump. 

What costs can you expect if you have the nasal mound removed without surgery?

The Costs for the minimally invasive procedure for nose correction with hyaluronic acid depend on the amount of hyaluronic injected under the skin of the nose. Blanket estimates for injections to correct the nasal hump are difficult and can create unwarranted concerns. 

Aftercare for nasal cusp injections

Allow yourself some time after the nose correction for yourself and the aftercare. The nose hump is gone and that without surgery, but the tissue of the nose needs some restto be able to accept the filler perfectly and with the desired result. If you wear glasses, it is best to wear contact lenses during and after the treatment. Especially after the injection, we strongly recommend that you do not wear glasses for the rest of the day. And even though it is tempting to feel the new shape of the nose from the nasal bone to the bridge of the nose to the tip of the nose, be sure to refrain from doing so for the first few hours after the minimally invasive procedure. Stay without makeup on the day of the procedure and abstain from nicotine and alcohol. 

Your first evening without a hump on the nose without surgery

Cool the affected areas on the bridge of the nose very gently by dabbing with a small, light compress. Wrapping the compress in a soft cloth increases the comfort effect. Cooling minimizes the risk of slight swelling and bruising after the correction of the hump nose. Homeopathic remedies such as Arnica globules support the cooling effect. 

The first days after your hump removal without surgery

Avoid massaging the nose or subjecting it to strong pressureEven if it is not an implant, the hyaluronic acid injected during the treatment may shift. Intense sports, sauna visits, sunbathing and refreshing your complexion with a solarium are also risks during the aftercare. Therefore, postpone these activities for a few days in the first period. 

Additional tips

In order to fully develop after the injection in your nose, the hyaluronic acid needs liquid. Therefore, drink enough water, especially in the first days after the treatment. Two to three liters per day is an optimal amount. Even if the Rhinoplasty with hyaluronic acid is a particularly gentle method of treatment for the nose, it is possible that swelling and small bruises may occur in the injection area. However, these usually subside after a few days and after a week at the latest. Hardening or a change in sensation could irritate you. However, this should also subside after a week at the latest. 

Beauty2Go as your Go-To Beauty Expert

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