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You want to counteract hair loss and thinning hair? You have already tried everything, but nothing helps? Then Mesohair - mesotherapy for hair just right for you!

What is mesotherapy for hair?

The Mesotherapy for hair is a not invasive procedurewhich helps to counteract incipient hair loss (alopecia) whether genetic or inflammatory, as well as thinning hair with age. Mesohair is an outpatient and minimally invasive method, in which individually for the patient selected and highly concentrated active ingredients are injected into the scalp. Substances such as dexpanthenol, biotin, coenzyme Q 10, thymus extract and homeopathic active ingredients are used here, for example.

These active ingredients stimulate and regenerate the hair roots and stimulate blood circulation, which improves the supply of nutrients. Thus, the pathological hair loss is slowed down or stopped. The Hair quality improves. It can even come to renewed and sustained hair growth, provided that hair roots are still present. Healthy, thick hair is therefore possible at any age. The earlier intervention is made, the better.

By the way, the Mesotherapy also great results in the treatment of wrinkles on the face or hands, further can be treated cellulite.

Like runs a Mesohair treatment?

After a preliminary consultation with a physician, a Active ingredient cocktail compiled, which is individually tailored to the patient and his type of hair loss. In addition, an individual treatment plan is determined. Depending on the severity of hair loss and the desired result.

Before the treatment disinfected the areas to be treated. Mesohair therapy uses the special Vitamins and nutrients injected directly into the scalp with a micro cannula and spread from here throughout the entire hair area. One Individual session lasts about 30 minutes. Usually eight to ten sessions are necessary to achieve a good regeneration of the hair follicles. After the treatment, the patient can leave the clinic immediately.

For whom is Mesotherapy suitable against hair loss?

Hair loss can affect men and women and have very different causes. It can be caused by diseases such as psoriasis or an underactive thyroid gland. But it can also be due to stress and an unhealthy diet. When hair loss occurs, however, it is most often due to hormonal changes or genetic predisposition. Alopecia can also manifest itself in many different ways. To name just a few forms of hair loss: Crescent hair and baldness (more common in men), thinning parting and thinning hair (more common in women).

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If you have any questions about mesotherapy for hair, feel free to contact us at any time. Contact with us. We will gladly advise you on the Mesohair treatmentwhich we offer in our practices in: Zurich, Basel, Bern, Lucerne, Winterthur and St. Gallen. This service is of course free of charge for you. You can find out more in advance on our Website to our Treatments and prices . Or learn already our Team get to know a little better. The direct booking of an appointment is also possible via our Online tool possible.

Frequently asked questions about hair mesotherapy

How much does mesotherapy cost? It depends largely on the desired result, but the cost of mesotherapy treatment for hair loss starts at about 250 CHF

How many mesotherapy treatments are needed? The number of hair mesotherapy injections depends on the initial condition of the hair and scalp. How many treatments you need, you determine individually with your doctor.

When can I see a result? For a good visible result, the mesotherapy of your hair should best be performed in a weekly rhythm. After about five treatments you will see the first results. Hair loss will decrease or even stop completely. After about eight sessions, new hair growth will begin. You can repeat the mesotherapy of your hair once a year if necessary.

Is mesotherapy for hair loss painful? Mesohair uses extremely fine needles, the microinjections are very fast. The treatment is therefore almost painless.

What to consider after the mesotherapy treatment of your hair? After treatment, the hair should not be washed for about two days.

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