The MD Codes of the Brazilian Star Surgeon Dr. de Maio

In recent years, there have been great advances in the world of medical cosmetics. Among others, the Brazilian plastic surgeon Dr. Mauricio de Maio made a major contribution to this with his MD Codes™. With the MD Codes™, he created a concept that has revolutionized filler treatments. Treatments are now standardized, easier and safer. In the following article, you will learn more about the MD Codes™, their innovative significance and the benefits for patients.

The numerous advantages of hyaluronic acid treatment

But first, a word about filler treatments and their benefits. With age, the body loses more and more hyaluronic acid, which normally leads to wrinkles forming on the face. Often, these are undesirable because they make you look tired, exhausted or even sad. However, something can be done about this. To counteract the development, a hyaluronic acid treatment can help. In this case, the body's natural, but dwindling hyaluronic acid balance is helped. Depending on the treatment desired, for example, cheeks can appear higher and more even, the chin line can look slimmer, and the skin can generally be tightened; in short, "lost" years can be visually regained with fillers. There are also many benefits for younger patients: instead of creating the contouring effects yourself every morning with elaborate makeup, fillers can be used to create a permanent, lasting look. This is an attractive option, especially for those individuals for whom, due to the shape of their face, the desired contouring effect cannot be achieved even with makeup. A filler treatment therefore not only combats wrinkles, but also revitalizes the facial structure and emotional appearance.

MD Codes™ and their logic

Emotions were also at the forefront of Dr. de Maio's mind when he launched the MD Codes™. His goal was a new approach to medical cosmetics. He wanted to move away from the question of which areas of the face to treat and focus more on the patient's emotional motivation. Above all, the message that the face should convey should be the focus. In order to achieve this, it was necessary to stop treating the symptoms and start addressing the root causes. Does the patient want a more feminine look? To appear less serious? Or simply younger? Depending on what the patient wants, different treatment techniques can be considered. With the help of the MD Codes™, the treatment can then be planned precisely and thoroughly.

When "coding", Dr. de Maio divided the face into 13 areas and a total of 75 sub-segments, which ultimately resulted in 75 MD Codes™. In addition to the facial area, these codes also contain information on the complexity and technique of the treatment: Red codes stand for areas that should only be performed by experienced physicians, while other areas are even expressly advised against injections. The more MD Codes™ a treatment contains, the more complex it is. For example, for a treatment on the forehead, the 3-point forehead reshape (see image below,) can be read: "F" stands for forehead, the numbers 1,2 and 3 refer to the affected sub-segments of the forehead, the color red indicates an "alert area" (special care should be taken) and the round shape indicates a specific technical design. In comparison, the 8-point lip reshape (lip treatment) is also relatively complex, but in a different way: It has only one red code, but there are seven blue codes and several different technical designs.


Uniform language thanks to MD Codes™

On the basis of this guide, it has been possible to create a uniform language for filler treatments. This also benefits the patient. This language has made it possible to standardize treatment plans, specialists now communicate more efficiently with each other, treatments have become even safer for both specialists and patients, and a great deal of progress has been made in general. For example, while in the past the injection was performed directly at the site to be treated, it is now known that the injection at a neighboring or even distant site often provides better, more lasting results. This is also in line with a general development in medical cosmetics: Whereas in the past it was mainly wrinkles that were treated directly, today the focus is more on a "full-face approach", in which the entire facial structure is included. In this way, the individual needs of patients are addressed, which in turn ensures all-round more natural-looking results.

The MD Codes™ have revolutionized medical cosmetics, especially hyaluronic acid treatments. They are an excellent example of the great progress that has been made in knowledge about fillers and also about the basic structure of the face. Thanks to MD Codes™, treatments are now easier and safer. If you have any questions about hyaluronic acid treatments, the MD Codes™ or Beauty2Go in general, don't hesitate to contact us. Our team is looking forward to your inquiry!

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