Is it possible? What must be observed?

Lip injections under 18

An ideal outer appearance is the dream of many young women. Stars, such as Kylie Jenner, show how it's done: The young style icon had already undergone a beauty treatment at the age of 17 to give her lips more fullness. The result inspired many of her followers to do the same. A study by the Swiss health promotion agency shows that young women in particular are dissatisfied with their appearance. According to a survey in Germany, more than 10% of all nine- to fourteen-year-olds have thought about beauty treatment at least once. Particularly popular among them is lip enhancement. But what is the current legal situation? How risky is a beauty treatment before the age of 18? What should basically be considered before such a treatment? Beauty2Go informs!

Treatments for young women are becoming more popular

But what laws must be observed?

The fact is: After the initial swell in corona numbers in the spring of 2020, significant increases in demand for cosmetic surgery have been seen. Procedures with aesthetic background were up to 30% more popular in direct comparison to the years before. The reason for this is probably also the elimination of foreign travel, which has made the household budgets of many young people fuller again.

By law, adolescents in Switzerland must bear in mind that aesthetic procedures may be performed after the age of 16. In most cases, beauty clinics reserve the right to ask for parental consent or even to refuse underage patients altogether. Procedures that are performed as a result of accidents or deformities are often approved and sometimes even reimbursed by the health insurance. Treatment for lip injections is not one of them.

What are the risks of surgery on minors?

In principle, interventions on a person's body can represent a burden for him or her. Thus, it cannot be ruled out that various side effects may occur during or after treatment, even if this is only the exceptional case. These include, for example, possible bruising, swelling and lumps or occasional wound pain.

If the body is still in the development phase, it cannot be ruled out that surgical measures may have an effect on this. It can happen that one's own development process, which has not yet been completed, has a negative influence on the results of a beauty treatment. For this very reason, one should inform oneself sufficiently before deciding to take such a step. Beauty2Go will be happy to advise you personally in an individual consultation. You can conveniently use our Online appointment form.

The following is a short checklist of points to keep in mind before getting a lip treatment:

  • A wide range of lip fillers exists on the market. There is no such thing as the perfect substance. In an individual consultation, it is important to clarify which one is most suitable for you and which type of injection is most suitable.
  • Injections can be reversed > but only for treatment with Hyaluronic acid. This can be broken down again by administering a certain enzyme or subsequent corrections can be made.
  • The shelf life of one treatment is about 6 months. Here, several influencing factors, such as lip movement, health and metabolism play a not insignificant role.
  • "This is how it should look" photos are not recommended. Lips à la Angelina Jolie or Kylie Jenner cannot be "recreated". A beauty treatment aims to give the patient's individual natural lip shape more volume and an appealing emphasis.
  • The result of the treatment can be seen directly. Subsequently, swelling may still occur, which should have subsided after 5 days at the latest.
  • The duration of treatment is about 30 minutes. This includes a short consultation and the actual treatment.

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