Interesting facts about our three favorite techniques for injecting lips

Natural lip injections - techniques

Evenly shaped lips are a beauty feature that everyone would like to show off. But for many, lip shape or lip volume do not correspond to their own ideal image. Lips with the Russian Lips technique is one of the many different techniques used by the Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid, to balance asymmetrical lip shapes or to compensate for an unfavorable ratio of upper to lower lip. 

Lip injections with hyaluron are suitable for: 

  • small wrinkles on the upper lip 
  • irregular lip shapes 
  • narrow lips 
  • blurred lip contours 
  • unfavorable ratio of upper to lower lip 

In this article we present you the three most popular methods for lip injections of our medical team. 

Injecting lips with the Russian Lip technique

The most popular method of our doctors is the Russian Lip Technique. With it, the treating physician focuses on the cupid's bow of the upper lip. Instead of building up lip volume, an optical enlargement of the lip is achieved. The lip is lifted and the lip contour is more pronounced. In the side profile, the lips remain largely flat. Although the lips gain minimal volume with this method of lip correction, no duckbill is created. The heart-shaped lips of the Matryoshka were the inspiration for lip injections according to the Russian method. 

For customers with the desire, correct narrow, shapeless lips while maintaining a natural look, is the Lip injections according to the Russian method particularly recommended, as they are especially in the area of the lip red more abundance and creates an attractive curve. According to the Russian method of lip injections the Hyaluronic acid filler injected vertically into the lip tissue with several punctures to bring out the heart shape of the red of the upper lip. During the treatment, the doctor starts injecting the hyaluron in the center of the lip. More lip injections will follow with punctures away from the center of the lip to the corners of the mouth. After the contouring of your lips with the Russian Lip Technique, swelling or bruising may occur at the injection sites. However, these usually disappear quickly. 

Injecting lips with the fan technique

The fan technique is often used when Lip volume built should be. But it is suitable also for small changes of the lip contour. Within the fan technique, two techniques for lip injections are distinguished depending on the desired result. The techniques differ in the type of needle used and the injection sites. To build up lip volume and sharpen the contour of the upper and lower lip, the filler hyaluron is injected with a micro cannula. The injection sites are located at the corners of the mouth. To build up the lip mucosa and marionette lines, a needle is used in the fan technique. This is inserted into the mucous membrane of the lips. As with lip volume augmentation using the Russian method, slight swelling and bruising may occur at the injection points during lip injections using the fan technique. 

Injecting lips with the vertical method

With the vertical method for injecting lips one reaches a Lip augmentation through the injection of hyaluronic acid. Lip volume is built up. The procedure is performed on the upper lip and lower lip. Punctures and injections are made at several points. As with the Russian Lip technique and the fan technique, there is also the possibility of short-term swelling and bruising with this method of lip injections. 


Any of the above three methods for lip injections is well suitedto model you beautiful and graceful lips. All methods are almost painless and performed in approximately 30 minutes

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