Fat Away Syringe

It is a feeling that many of us know and brings a lot of frustration: No matter how much exercise you do and how much you look at a healthy and balanced diet, certain fat pads just do not want to disappear. This is where a treatment called lipolysis (also known as fat-removal injection) can help. With the help of an injection, smaller fat deposits are specifically melted away. In the following article, we explain how a lipolysis injection works, where it can be used and what to consider before treatment.

Away with the problem zones

The Fat Away Injection is applied to "problem areas" where fat distribution is genetically predisposed and cannot be addressed only with a reduced calorie intake. It thus acts as a supplement to a healthy diet and sporting activity. For this purpose, deoxycholanic acid, a synthetically produced fat-dissolving bile acid, is injected with small cannulas in the area to be treated. Because fat tissue is relatively insensitive and a local anesthetic is given with the injection, the treatment is painless. Fat-away injections have many other advantages: they do not require surgery, they provide lasting results, and you can return to social life immediately after treatment. It is only in extremely rare cases that patients do not see any positive effect after the treatment. Studies have already shown that the injection works in 99% of cases - and permanently, with stable body weight. Possible side effects such as slight redness or swelling are visible at most up to a few days after treatment.

Applicable to many parts of the body

How many treatments are necessary depends on various factors, such as the size of the area to be treated or the reaction of the fatty tissue to the injection. Often success can be seen after just one treatment, and otherwise three to four treatments at intervals of around four weeks usually lead to the desired result. The fat-removal injection can be applied to practically all areas of the body where there are unwanted fat deposits: Abdomen, flanks, upper arms, riding breeches, sagging cheeks, etc. We will be happy to advise you in a personal conversation about whether your problem area is suitable for lipolysis and what a possible treatment would look like.

Tips for before and after treatment

There are also certain points that must be considered before a treatment with the fat-away injection. Certain medications should not be taken before the treatment, you should eat enough on the day of the treatment and, if so desired, take a scarf or something similar to be able to cover the swelling after the treatment. For the time after the treatment we recommend our patients to avoid salty food and alcohol in order to keep the swelling as small as possible. In addition, measures such as a diet as low in fat as possible (for about 100 days) or regular massaging of the treated area help to achieve the desired results. Before each treatment, we inform our patients in detail about the exact procedure and the tips and tricks that ensure the most pleasant experience possible.

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