Fat removal injection double chin and neck

You've tried everything: Endurance training, facial yoga, and countless diets, but nothing helps to keep your Get rid of double chin? Often such fat pads are genetic and extremely stubborn. But: with the Fat Away Syringe it is quite simple, annoying sport and diet resistant Make fat pads on the chin and neck disappear without the need for painful surgery. So you get in no time at all a beautifully contoured chin area

What is the fat removal injection for double chin? 

The Fat way syringe, also called fat-away injection or lipolysis., is an injection treatment in which an active ingredient is administered that destroys the cell wall of fat cells and enables the removal of storage fats. 

How does the Fat Away Injection work 

Deoxycholic acid is injected directly into the unwanted fatty tissue with a fine needle. This lecithin comes entirely natural in the body and normally supports fat digestion and decomposition. The cleavage products are removed via the lymphatic system or broken down by the liver. The Lipolysis treatment on the chin is started with a subsequent Massagetherapie supports. The massages better distribute the active ingredient and accelerate the dissolution of fat. 

However, the treatment with the fat-away injection not only ensures the Melting away annoying fat padsbut also prevents new formation! In fact, treated areas are supplied with more blood, the tissue is drained and new fat deposits in the treated area are prevented. 

How long does the treatment last 

Treatment with the fat-away injection on the chin and neck is a minimally invasive technique without a scalpel and can therefore be performed quickly and easily. Lipolysis on the chin usually lasts 15 to 30 minutes.

When are the results of injection lipolysis on the chin visible? 

You need to be a little patient after the injection until you see the first results. After 10 to 14 days the fat cells begin to melt awayHowever, until you see clear results, you must wait a total of between four and six weeks.

How often does lipolysis on the chin need to be repeated? 

For smaller fat deposits on the chin and neck, treatment with the Fat Away Syringe. For larger deposits, the treatment is repeated a few times at intervals of three weeks.

Does the fat removal injection have side effects? 

The Fat-away injection is generally very well tolerated and the treatment carries hardly any risks. Of course, you will receive a complete risk information from your doctor before the treatment. In general, itching, redness, swelling or hematoma may occur immediately after the treatment. However, these reactions are all normal and will disappear after one or two days at the latest.  

Tip: Bring a scarf or bandana for after treatment to help cover swelling and skin reactions on the way home. 

Aftercare: For the best possible result of injection lipolysis on the chin. 

Shortly after the treatment with the Fat Away Injection, you should avoid touching the treated skin areas for about one hour. In the first 24 hours you should also avoid sunlight, sauna and sports. You should also not cool the treated area. 

In order to achieve the best possible result of the Injection lipolysis on the chin you should focus on a diet that is as low in fat as possible and avoid alcohol and salt as much as possible over the next three months. 

Cost of fat removal injection for double chin 

The treatment with the Fat-away injection will cost you few swiss francs. We will determine the exact cost at a personal appointment, as it depends on the type of treatment and quantity used. 

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