How to avoid broken threads

Thread lifting aftercare

Environmental influences such as UV rays and nitrogen oxides, but also the aging process reduce the firmness of the connective tissue and cause wrinkles to appear on the skin. Thread lifting can successfully counteract this natural process. In this modern non-surgical technique, completely degradable threads are placed in the connective tissue to stimulate the body's own collagen formation. The skin gains volume and elasticity, facial features tighten and natural facial expressions are preserved. Thread lifting is therefore a method of facelifting without a scalpel. Nevertheless, there are possible complications with this method as well. For example, there are reports that threads have broken during thread lifting.

In this article, we explain everything you need to know about aftercare in the first three weeks after thread lifting and take away your fear of torn threads.

Thread lifting aftercare: Three weeks of cooling, resting, relaxing

Of course, we will explain the exact procedure to you before the procedure and accompany you immediately after the thread lift. Our experts will show you how you should behave in the time after the procedure so that the result is optimal in the end.

Immediately after treatment

Avoid touching the treated areas immediately after the thread lift. This will increase the chances of a complication-free healing process.

The first evening after treatment

Occasionally, redness, hematomas and swelling may occur on the face after treatment. To counteract or alleviate these effects, the skin in the affected areas can be carefully cooled with compresses. The compresses should be small, light and wrapped in a soft cloth. Anti-inflammatory pain relievers can be taken for any pain. A slight burning sensation is also possible. These reactions are common and will subside. If you have any unusual reactions, you can contact us at any time. For the first night, keep your head elevated and sleep on your back.

The first five days after treatment

During the first five days after the thread lift, the skin around the treated areas should not be massaged or subjected to strong pressure. Strong friction could also have a negative effect on the result. Avoid long sunbaths, solarium and sauna for about one week. Intensive sports should also be avoided. As far as possible, we recommend avoiding strong facial movements when laughing, yawning or similar facial movements. Normal facial expressions are of course no problem.

The next two weeks 3 weeks after thread lift

Two weeks after the procedure, visits to the beauty salon are possible again. Three weeks after the thread lift, the threads are so stable in the inserted place that the break for all sports can be ended and you can be active in your everyday life again normally. The end of the thread lift aftercare can be sealed with a smile all over your face.

Thread lifting: Threads torn?

The threads used in thread lifting are made of polydioxanone (PDO threads for short). Due to the particularly strong tensile strength of the PDO threads, we can relieve you of the worry about torn threads. PDO threads with different structures have been developed for aesthetic use, so there are PDO threads with barbs, spiral or smooth PDO threads. Which PDO thread is used depends on the desired lifting effect and the tissue to be lifted.

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