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Just a few months ago, the big report on our Beauty2Go Makeover was aired on Swiss1. If you haven't watched it yet, you can do so on our Instagram page (on IGTV). In this "experience report" we will go through the most exciting points of the makeover again - from the expectations before the treatment to the impressions afterwards. So you can get a good impression of what such a makeover includes. Because who knows when we will give away the next big makeover...

The winner Kris had won with a little luck of the draw against the big rest and thus secured a desired treatment in our clinic in Bern. The timing couldn't have been better, as the treatment took place just before her wedding! But Kris likes to emphasize that this was not the reason why she took part in the competition. At a still-young 29 years old, would she have undergone treatment even if she hadn't entered the contest? "I don't know... maybe in a year or so. But it worked out that way!" Because a "few creeping things that you always see once in a while", she had noticed in her face just the same. And even if 29 may sound like a young age for a makeover, a filler treatment can be worthwhile from the age of 25. In that phase of life, the body's own production of hyaluron decreases, which leads to a less plump or sagging skin appearance over time (learn everything you need to know about hyaluron and filler treatments here). In addition, lifestyle has a strong influence: depending on how much a person smokes, how intensively they enjoy the nightlife or how much sun their skin has already seen, the first small wrinkles show up even before the age of 30.

Before treatment

Kris was not too nervous before the treatment, but: "When I see the injection, I think it will be worse". A certain respect for injections is, of course, normal. Before the treatment could begin, Kris and our specialist sat down together for the consultation. This gave Kris the opportunity to express her wishes and concerns. Then, the two of them defined which areas of the face would be treated. In addition, Kris received more information from our specialist about what to expect in general during the course of a filler treatment. The result was the following treatment plan: Botulinum toxin for the forehead and frown lines as well as for the crow's feet, 2ml Hyaluron for cheek augmentation, 1ml Hyaluron on the chin, 1ml Hyaluron against dark circles under the eyes, 1ml Hyaluron for more lip shape, and 0.5 ml Hyaluron for the nose.

After treatment

And then it was off with the treatment, one facial area after the other. It's worth noting that a large makeover like this is an exception - usually patients have one or two areas treated in a single session. Kris would advise the same to anyone considering undergoing a filler treatment, "I've actually had nothing but positive feedback... It's healed well and I'm happy with it. I'm definitely going to have it done again, but not all completely on the same day or in the same session." Here, it is basically up to each patient how much should be done in one session - as long as it is harmless from a health perspective, of course.

And for those who are still not quite sure about filler treatment, or perhaps even worried about permanent unwanted effects, she has the following tip: "If you can, why not? Just give it a try! After a while, the hyaluron will break down. It's nothing that can't be reversed. Give it a try - if you like it, do it again, and if you don't, don't." That's important to emphasize: Because hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that our bodies already produce themselves, it is easily tolerated. In addition, it degrades on its own after a few months. If the effect is then no longer visible, it can be refreshed with another treatment, as desired.

We are convinced in any case: The results of the makeover can be seen!

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