The Musculus Masseter Treatment - Hyaluron vs. Botulinum Toxin

Masseter Botox

We are all unique - not least when it comes to our bodies. Especially when it comes to the human face, our "calling card," shape, size and color are incredibly diverse. This diversity in turn leads to different desires and wishes. This is evident with our lower face: some female patients, but especially male patients, are dissatisfied with how soft and narrow their jaw appears. In that case, the Define Jawline with a filler treatment with hyaluronwhich gives the face a clear line and frames it beautifully. In some people, the jawline is already strongly pronounced and angular - in some even too strong. Here can be a Botulinum toxin treatment of the masticatory muscles help. In this article we explain in which case which treatment is worthwhile and what they look like. If you are still unsure, you will find here the Differences between botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid

Softer and narrower appearance

With a Treatment of the masticatory muscles is not about defining the lower half of the face more strongly - quite the opposite: the face should appear narrower and softer. This is where the large masseter muscle comes in. In relation to its size, the masseter muscle is one of the strongest muscles in our body and therefore strongly shapes the shape of the face when viewed from the front. An oversized masseter muscle, also called "Masseter hypertrophy", we therefore quickly perceive as disturbing: the face appears coarse and angular, and the proportions appear out of balance. The causes for this can be manifold: from excessive activity due to "one-sided" eating or chewing gum, to involuntary tensing due to bruxism (teeth grinding), to genetics. 

When the Masticatory muscle too dominant and makes the face look coarse and angular, a low-risk treatment with botulinum toxin can help. Botulinum toxin, with its muscle activity dampening effect, is injected at the appropriate site. This ensures that the receptor responsible for the transmission of stimuli between the nerve and the muscle is blocked. As a result of the fact that the nerve stimulus cannot be transmitted to the muscle, muscle activity is generally reduced and the muscle gradually becomes smaller. The Contour of the face becomes softer, narrower and more pleasant. If the treatment results are convincing, the effect can be refreshed with another treatment after about 6 months. 

A treatment with botulinum toxin is minimally invasive, takes less than 30 minutes and has little to no side effects. The body generally tolerates botulinum toxin very well. However, since it is an intervention in the body, minor reactions such as redness, small bruises or swelling are possible. Optimal aftercare reduces side effects to a minimum. 

Botulinum toxin for teeth grinding - one agent, three effects

Go to Prevention of teeth grinding the botulinum toxin is injected into the large masseter muscle. There it unfolds its blocking effect on the receptor, which is responsible for the stimulus transmission between nerve and muscle. Thus, teeth grinding is prevented, your teeth are spared, neck and headaches are relieved. Besides, the contour of the face becomes softer, narrower and more pleasant. 

More definition thanks to Jawline filler treatment

The counterpart to botulinum toxin treatment of the masseter muscle is the Jawline filler treatmentHere, hyaluronic acid is used to strengthen the contour of the chin and jawline. If the lower half of the face is unflatteringly proportioned or if the face generally appears too soft and narrow, the Filler treatment with hyaluron, to sculpt the facial area and give more shape and fullness. The water-binding property of hyaluronic acid comes into play (here you learn everything you need to know about hyaluron). Finally, with the more defined chin-jaw area, the face exudes more expressiveness. That is why it is one of the most popular filler treatments for men, and not without reason. 

Filler treatment with hyaluron is also minimally invasive and takes no longer than half an hour. At most, only minor side effects are to be expected, but normally rather no side effects. The body generally accepts the hyaluron very well. Minor reactions cannot be ruled out, but in most cases they disappear after a short time. 

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