After hyaluron treatment - aftercare tips

In order to achieve the best possible results with hyaluronic injections, it is not only necessary to have a professional treatment - careful aftercare afterwards is also enormously important. For this purpose, our patients will in future receive a leaflet after the treatment listing the most important points. After all, this is the only way to achieve the desired result. In the following article, we would like to briefly discuss the most important points that should be observed after your treatment:

Immediately after treatment

In the first hours after the injection with hyaluron, the treated area should not be touched, if possible. It is also important that the patient does not smoke or drink alcohol shortly afterwards. No makeup should be applied for the first 6 hours after the treatment. And if the lips have been treated, kissing should also be avoided for the first 6 hours.

The first evening

In the evening after the treatment, the main thing is to prevent swelling. Here you need to pay attention to several points: On the one hand, the affected area can be cooled with a compress. This should not come directly from the refrigerator and should not be held against it for more than a few minutes at a time. In addition, homeopathic Arnica globules, for example, can be taken to prevent any swellings and hematomas. In addition, salty food should be avoided as far as possible in order to keep swelling to a minimum.

The days after

The first days after treatment should be approached as calmly as possible. This means that activities such as sauna, solarium, long sunbathing or intensive sports should be avoided as far as possible. After the lips have been injected, the patient has to perform small massage tasks: after three days, the lips can be massaged. It is essential to wash your hands beforehand or, if possible, to disinfect them. Then massage the lips from the inside to the outside with medium-firm pressure. Our patients will receive more detailed information on this after the treatment.

After nasal treatment, glasses should not be worn for two weeks.

Extra tip for hyaluron

The hyaluronic acid used in injections exploits its potential best in combination with water. This is because its water-binding properties in particular ensure elasticity and tone. It is therefore important to drink enough water - at least two to three liters per day.

Important to know

Even with a medically flawless injection with hyaluronic fillers, the patient may experience redness, small bruises or swelling. However, these usually disappear after two to three days at the latest. Another possible side effect is minor hardening or a change in sensation. These appear as a reaction of the body to the treatment, but are no cause for concern and usually subside after a few days to two weeks at the latest.

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