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Removing dark circles under the eyes - tips & tricks

Dark circles under the eyes make you look tired and droopy. And when you look in the mirror and discover the black circles under your eyes, you often feel helpless. But the situation is not hopeless! With these four tips, we'll show you the best way to remove black circles under your eyes - without surgery. On the one hand, small changes in everyday life and make-up can help, on the other hand, you can also fall back on the moisturizing, volume-giving property of hyaluron.


Actually, we all know that sufficient sleep brings many benefits. All it takes is a little discipline, because restful sleep can work wonders in the fight against dark circles under the eyes. Often, the origin of the problem lies in a lack of sleep: if the body cannot rest long enough, this has a negative effect on blood circulation - which in turn leads to a tired-looking eye area.

Food & Drink

Our daily diet also has a decisive influence on our skin appearance and the area around our eyes. Frequent smoking and regular alcohol consumption, but also insufficient absorption of nutrients and moisture all have a negative effect on the oxygen supply in the blood and ultimately lead to dark circles under the eyes. A balanced diet can therefore have a positive effect not only on the figure, but also on the general appearance.


While the first two tips involve lasting changes in life to remove dark circles under the eyes in the long term, there is of course the well-known quick solution: make-up. This only treats the symptoms and not the cause, but if it has to happen quickly, well-known helpers such as concealer are, as always, an extremely effective means of covering up black circles under the eyes.

Filler (Hyaluron)

If the causes of dark circles under the eyes do not completely disappear despite a balanced diet and regular sleep, e.g. with increasing age, daily make-up can quickly become annoying and expensive. In this case, a filler treatment is worthwhile for the removal of the dark circles under the eyes. A filler injection is a minimally invasive treatment in which hyaluronic acid is injected into the eye area with a fine, blunt cannula, completely without surgery. The new volume lifts the tear trough and wrinkles and bags are eliminated. Hyaluronic acid, thanks to its ability to retain large amounts of moisture, is a true miracle worker in the fight against wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that is easily tolerated by the body and degraded over time (here you will learn everything you need to know about hyaluron and filler treatments). When the freshness effect wears off after about twelve months, it can be renewed with another treatment. The big difference with filler treatment compared to the other methods is, of course, the price. However, if you consider that the results last for several months and the wrinkles are also clearly and recognizably combated, such a treatment turns out to be the most sensible investment in many cases.

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